An extravagant and frivolous couple who squandered over N14 million in 8 months are facing severe difficulties with the social security department.

The young couple, Jamie and Abbie Holt
A lottery-winning couple squandered 50,000 pounds (over N14 million) in eight months and now face eviction from their home for a second time after being refused benefits.  To cap the matter, the couple are jobless.
Jobless Jamie and Abbie Hort won 50,000 pounds in the Christmas 2014 Channel Islands Lottery but the Guernsey couple claim that after living on the winnings throughout 2015 there is nothing left, Dailymirror reports.
According to the report, the duo splashed the cash on designer clothes, holidays, new furniture and a giant TV for their flat and within 8 months of winning the huge money, they were unable to pay their rent, and put in a request for income support and housing benefit. But this was refused and the couple were evicted from their 890-pounds-a-month flat.
In order to get a roof over their heads for Christmas, the pair raided savings they had put aside for their two children to pay for a deposit on a new flat. But with their next rent payment due at the end of this week, and no means of paying it, the couple are facing eviction again.
But officials are refusing to grant them any handouts and the couple, who say all they have left is a 50 inch television, bemoaned what they claim has been the ‘worst Christmas ever’ because of it.
Mr Hort said: ‘When we first won the money, we were very excited and we helped sort our family out with some money and went shopping.
‘We had no other income source so the money was going on things like food. Sometimes we were spending £70 a day on food.
‘We were a bit silly with it, it could have lasted a lot longer, I’ll admit that. But all we want now is some help.’
Their lavish and extraordinary lifestyle seem to have come to an end after spending in such a frivolous manner. The couple say benefit officials have accused them of not being able to account for £24,000 – around half of the lottery money.
Jamie and Abbie Holt squandered 50,000 pounds in 8 months
Mrs Hort, 21, who is unemployed, said: ‘We need to pay the rent on Friday or we are going to be kicked out.
‘Neither of us have jobs. I am trying to get work. My husband is a scaffolder but there is no work around at the moment.
‘They want to see receipts from the statements as they don’t believe all the money has gone. The £50,000 went in eight months but they don’t believe us.
‘They think we still have £24,000 but we would not have been evicted from two places if we had that sort of money left.’
Mrs Hort says the couple have until the end of the week to pay the £700 rent to stay in their current home.
She said: ‘We are just fed up getting messed around by the social. All we want is help – we need help with the rent and getting back to work.
‘This has been going on for a few months but no one is helping us. The social are also saying that even if we did get some help in future it would only be half of what we used to get.
‘They keep making me go and see Job Seekers but that has been a complete waste of time and we have got nothing.’
The couple believes they have learnt their lesson the ugly way and hopes the social security department comes to their aid. However, a spokesman for Social Security said the department was unable to discuss individual cases.
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