Ben Murray Bruce has taken to twitter to say his mind concerning APC Senators’ rejection of the motion to pay unemployed Nigerians N5000 monthly

Senator Ben Murray Bruce took to twitter to express his disgust over the decision of APC senators to stand down the motion to compel President Buhari to commence the Payment of 5000 naira to unemployed young Nigerians as promised by the APC during the 2015  presidential campaign.

In a related development, members of the social media platform, Nairaland have reacted angrily to the stance of APC for daring to fail in its campaign promise. Many called the party names for cheating Nigerians.

One Hinwazaka said: “The APC senators are cold blooded bast@rds. They couldn’t even hide their shame, they were so brazen, even when they were the ones who proposed this ivory tower promise in the first place. They should have, at least, offered a national apology for their lies, before giving the reasons for their failure to keep to their promise. But instead, chose to play politics, by pushing a motion to begin an investigation into the accounts of the defunct SURE-P programme. APC, God will punish every last one of you.”

Reacting to the same story, one Odubeze made it clear that if Nigeria can have as many senators as Bruce, things will be better. He said:
“Senator Bruce, if other senators were a bit like you, Nigeria would have experience that change mantra by now. Its a pity in your case that a drop of water cannot make a mighty ocean! I pity the youth waiting upon this government. They don’t have the youth in mind! The earlier you plan for yourself the better! Legally please!.”

Another of user called Freez2ryme summed his own understanding in just few lines. He said: “APC government is like Nigeria film
Before it starts u already know d outcome. APC = legalized failure”

Many Nigerian youths are saddened by the events that took place in the Senate yesterday. Those affected made up of the unemployed youths derided the senators for standing in their way of progress. They made it clear that the senators are enemies of progress who prefer to eat alone while serving the youths.

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