Nigerian Luxury designer, Alexander Amosu is that one designer who from time to time loves to inspire his fans and friends.

The designer who is credited with designing the world’s most expensive Champagne, the ‘Taste of Diamonds’ and the world’s most expensive Apple iPhone device and so many other luxury items.

He shared a photo of him posing with his Porsche automobile and the caption was so inspiring, it reads;
At the age of 25 I made my first £million. From having zero in my bank account to getting serval zeros. A lot of ppl will be gassed by this picture, the truth is if they only knew what I want through to get here they may not find it so glamorous. Blood, sweat, tears, late nights, no friends, no social life, working 3 jobs, no one believing in me, several failed business and flat out broke. Am not showing you this picture because I think it’s cool, am merely letting you know the journey is a lot harder than this one picture however it’s worth it!

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