These 21 bathroom images both prove that there is little decency left in the world. If you thought humankind was gross before, things were just brought to a whole new level of nasty. Here are 21 horribly dirty bathroom photos.

Bathroom Barbie

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We hope her foot slips and she faceplants straight into the tube. This wanna-be Barbie should put the camera down and go find her self -respect.


Before I Head Out

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“I’m just about to run out to the store and buy a few things, but first let me take a selfie of my outfit.” Girl, we’re giving you credit for this look.


Mama Drama

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Ghosts of child services past everywhere just rolled over in their graves. You are too pasty to have your shirt off, put it back on and take your toddler anywhere you are not.


Super Flexible!

2016/07/imagen30_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="936" alt="Source" />


Ok we get it — you’re really flexible. Good for you, but did we really need photographic proof? Ok, perhaps we did.


Sweet Dreams

2016/07/lCNTufqKOyQ_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="700" alt="Source" />


In case you’re feeling lonely, this classy lady is here to keep you comfortable. She loves to slip on super comfortable pyjamas and take selfies right before bed. What a catch!


Laundry Day

2016/07/e1052a7e97004cbb291061634c09aa7b_gltrends.com_.png" width="700" height="437" alt="Source" />


Oh good old laundry day. That one day a week when we literally have nothing to wear because absolutely everything is in the wash. You’ve just got to love responsibilities.


Did We Really Need This?

2016/07/1-1_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="780" height="652" alt="Source" />


We understand that this generation of young men and women just can’t help themselves — selfies are simply a way of life. But did we really need this photo? Perhaps we did, perhaps we didn’t. Regardless, this pic is here to stay.


Urinal Love

2016/07/104728-1413278315414_gltrends.com_.jpeg" width="830" height="960" alt="Source" />


Can you imagine being the store employee tasked with trying to persuade this woman to leave the men’s bathroom? She does not look convinced. Call it a hunch, but have a suspicion sound logic and a reasonable argument won’t be so effective with this urinal enthusiast.


In Proud Support of the One-Piece

2016/07/83532_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="692" alt="Source " />


This woman’s one-piece bathroom selfie is on fleek. Good on you, and your one piece. Just don’t forget to tidy up in the bathroom when you’re done.


Laptop Laxative

2016/07/1486529_824__gltrends.com_.jpg" width="822" height="633" alt="Source " />


That does not look like a comfortable position to complete your 10th-grade biology paper in. We are sad to report she finished pages 10-17 while in there.


Stall PDA

2016/07/e1402441-fde3-4d23-b26b-eabc62c52299-e1445240062425_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="746" alt="Source " />


Let’s look on the romantic side, maybe she is proposing to him? Or helping him adjust a missed belt loop? Is this 2009 and the Converse shoe collection came back into town.


Shame-Free Shaving

2016/07/475aa38d-650f-4788-8e78-589e4bca8114_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="938" alt="Source " />


Sir, where are your shirt and pants? Is he shaving his head? This picture has me more confused than when my ex-boyfriend Pablo told me he has a new girlfriend named Bill. Oh wait. . .


Pedi Problems

2016/07/a0234696-708f-4146-8a83-5efba610d895_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="1050" alt="Source " />


Pedicures are an understandably pricey luxury. This redneck female decided to cut out the expensive salons and give herself some foot pleasure at the nearest public bathroom. Are you an animal?


Fast Food Worries

2016/07/226cc2ae-e776-4ffa-a6cf-4190ebe8f37f_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="754" height="565" alt="Source " />


That is nauseating. Was there nowhere else to place your half eaten hotdog and fries other than straight on the bathroom floor? That definitely broke the five second rule.


Out Of Order

2016/07/1d1ef729-2652-485f-b796-90bd97221706_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="754" height="565" alt="Source " />


This is horrible and you will most likely never be able to unsee this. Let’s strongly hope that bag is made out of extra strength plastic.


Toilet Clogger

2016/07/84386095_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="932" alt="Source " />


Talking about dropping a massive log. That is one disaster no plunger in the world can help. Either that is a great practical joke or someone has been eating way too much Mexican food.


VIP Hair Salon

2016/07/5959b8be-471f-4a71-b4e8-d05cfc786d89_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="875" alt="Source " />


This is why lines for women’s bathrooms are always incredibly long. If you need to do your hair, try the Wendy’s down the block, they have bigger bathrooms and extra strength hair dryers.


Selfie Agitation

2016/07/67757287-741a-47ef-8761-fde02b8094c9_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="932" alt="Source " />


This woman is expressing what we all feel when we see girls take bathroom selfies. Just want to dump a bag of popcorn over our heads and pretend the world does not exist.


Foul Soul

2016/07/09f8f9c5b8f9e83bdfd8bd88880f27fc_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="931" alt="Source " />


It really takes a certain foul and twisted person to enter a public bathroom without shoes on. This is inexcusable behavior which literally just made everyone’s stomach churn.



2016/07/84386101_gltrends.com_.jpg" width="700" height="729" alt="Source " />


If you are as confused as we are, everything is cool. It is when this picture starts making sense you know you should seek professional care.

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